Quality Assurance


As a foodservice operator, you know that dependable, quality products and food safety are critical to the vitality of your business. For this reason, Sysco has the most comprehensive Quality Assurance program in the industry.

Sysco employs over 180 Quality Assurance professionals who dedicate their service to only one mission: to deliver Sysco brand products that meet the most exacting standards in terms of safety, quality and consistency.



Sysco’s standard for all of the Sysco brand products we source is unwavering. All Sysco suppliers are required to have a Certificate of Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement protecting you, our customer and the end user, in the event of a claim.

As an operator, this is a critical difference between doing business with Sysco over other distributors. Knowing that every product Sysco delivers to your door is insured and protected by this hold-harmless agreement provides 100% assurance that your business and your financial well-being are protected.