Sysco Idaho staff members are proud to serve our customers and our community.

From our President, Brian Barton, to our most recently added employee, Sysco associates are dedicated to helping our customers succeed.

Sysco Idaho’s sustainability path has taken us from our suppliers’ fields to the tables in your operation. Sysco is a pioneer in finding and implementing ways to positively influence the entire foodservice lifecycle.

Sysco advocates low-impact farming methods and eco-friendly delivery systems, along with local and organic food programs, biodegradable packaging, and EPA award-winning chemicals. Learn more…



We are an Idaho company with resources beyond our borders. Your local Marketing Associate and Business Resource Manager can show you how world-class resources like our Sysco Table Top, which puts competitive market information, average menu price data, promotional ideas, and recipes right at your fingertips.

iPhone users can connect with recipes and more by using Sysco’s Chef Ref app!